Cherie Zahr

Master Artist and Instructor

My passion for beauty and make-up has been strong from a young age. When I left school, I completed a course in make-up and nails application, and with this qualification, began working in a beautiful, modern day spa. I extended my skills as I worked in make-up for weddings and glamour shots, and eventually moved onto tanning and other beauty-related work in Melbourne.

After this wonderful time spent in the beauty world in Melbourne, I moved back to Sydney, my home, and began working within the health sector which has made up my work for the last ten years. I have worked in numerous departments and am currently within the emergency department. This has been rewarding work, but my passion for the beauty industry runs deep, which has led me to my current endeavour.

As I started a family, my passion for beauty sparked again and it became more of a permanent occurrence in my life. Now I find myself as the Owner/Operator of Blushing Ink, a beauty enterprise specialising in lip blush tattooing, fibro-blasting, BB glowing lips and cheeks, and micro-needling. I have practiced within the beauty industry, especially on make-up, for many years and have always absolutely loved it! So why not make it my permanent job? As a mother, I’m lucky to have five minutes to get myself ready. I am sure many of you have shared the following thought, “How good would it be to wake up ready?!” Well, there is an answer ladies! We can have our lips, brows, lashes, and foundation permanently done! Not to mention the time you can save ‘getting ready’ with a non-invasive fibroblast.

My main passion lies in lips! I have studied with some of the best trainers in the country and hopefully will have opportunities to train with many more! You never stop learning when it comes down to your passion! My focus is to enhance women’s beauty in the most natural way possible.