Fibroblast is a safe, effective and non-surgical treatment that can be used to improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Although Fibroblast is a relatively new cosmetic procedure, it is increasing in popularity. Fibroblast offers results similar to those achieved in surgery but is considerably less invasive.

Fibroblasts are the collagen and protein producing cells that occur in the dermis layer of the skin. Fibroblasts are important in promoting skin healing as well as improving skin tightness and firmness. Fibroblast therapy targets fibroblasts using a pen-like device to discharge a high frequency electric current to small sections of skin. This hot current creates small holes in the skin which in turn stimulates fibroblast activity and tissue rejuvenation, promoting skin tightening and improving the appearance of the skin.

A fibroblast procedure typically takes between 30-60 minutes to perform. During a typical treatment you will first have a numbing cream applied to the area. The treatment will then be performed followed by a cooling gel to minimise any discomfort in the area.

Following the procedure, small scabs will form in the area and will fall off naturally in about a week. As the skin heals, it will start to appear tighter and firmer. Some people see results after just one treatment while others may need up to three treatments to see an effect.

Fibroblast is a safe alternative to surgery however some side effects may occur including redness, swelling, skin peeling or light/dark spots appearing on the skin. It is important to discuss your own personal medical history and circumstances with your therapist to determine if Fibroblast is right for you.