Micro Needling

Micro needling

Micro-needling rescues the skin from a meshwork of aging signs and enhances the appearance of the skin rapidly by making it look younger. It is the optimum choice for skincare aficionados, clients, and professionals as it effectually helps to dissociate those unwanted signs of aging and fights discolorations, scars, and hints of uneven skin tone.


To prepare for micro-needling, clients should not use retinol products for almost three days in the lead up to their appointment, not use cosmeceutical products or therapies for 72 hours before treatment, avoid sunburns or prolonged skin exposure. The skin should also be clean, and no makeup should be applied for 72 hours prior to treatment.


The micro-needling process starts with a patch of deep cleansing for the optimum penetration of anaesthetics, leading to exfoliation to make sure it is thoroughly sterilised before the induction of the micro-needling device. The best results appear after a waiting window of 4-6 weeks, imparting the ever-youthful glow to the skin, making it look noticeably radiant and richly textured. Most clients are advised by skincare professionals to get the micro-needling done every four to six weeks to maintain a consistent radiance. The higher the rate of absorption of these effective growth factors such as collagen, the more supple the skin gets with the passage of timely treatments.


Clients experience some inflammation and warm sensation during the 24 hours post-treatment. There may be swelling and redness which is quite normal and will subside over the next three days. Some aftercare tips include avoiding sun exposure and makeup application, avoiding use of retinol or other active ingredient skin products, and avoiding activities that create heat, such as exercising. It is important to use collagen stimulating peptide products, drink plenty of water, apply an antioxidant serum, and use a cooling face mask if required.